Oct 012013

These YWIH arrangements are available free of charge, however you need to organise your own copyright for the songs:

Information on copyright licenses is available from APRA: http://www.apra-amcos.com.au/MusicConsumers/Findalicencetosuityourneeds.aspx


Contact us via our Online form for info on learning tracks for these two songs.


You can find lots of other songs for Young Women In Harmony. Many arrangements are free of charge. Visit the YWIH page of the Sweet Adelines International website. http://www.sweetadelineintl.org/

Barbershop arrangers draw great songs from different eras and give them a fresh, unique sound – some are new and some are eighty years old! As Deke Sharon said on the CASA website,

You know what?  There’s a lot to be learned from your elders, and if a song has lasted a century, it’s still around for a good reason.”

The Australian movie The Sapphires, whilst they don’t sing unaccompanied or in barbershop style, has made people fall in love again with girl-group harmonies from the 1960’s.  The Pitch Perfect film and TV show Glee have showcased a cappella versions of songs made popular in recent years.  Go to the Education page for more information.