Sep 292013

singersWhat Part Is Best For You?

When singing barbershop harmony, make sure you sing the part that best suits your voice!  As a guide, try singing along with these recordings to get a feel for the range of each part.  See our page The Four Voice Parts to read more.
Baritone vocal rangeBaritone vocal range
Bass vocal rangeBass vocal range
Lead vocal rangeLead vocal range
Tenor vocal rangeTenor vocal range

Other useful stuff

Learning songs guideline for singers v3

Why sing Barbershop

How to be a great :  Lead

How to be a great : Baritone

How to be a great:  Bass

How to be a great: Tenor

A Tag is a mini-song, a cadence usually sung at the end of a song to provide a good finish! You can read the Wikipedia definition here.

Here is a sample for you to try – sing it with your friends…

 Tag – ‘Where Is Love’

Tag - All parts togetherTag - All parts together
Tag - Baritone partTag - Baritone part
Tag - Bass partTag - Bass part
Tag - Lead partTag - Lead part
Tag - Tenor partTag - Tenor part